Amy Boardwine on Davie County's Big Brothers Big Sisters

Amy Boardwine on Davie County's Big Brothers Big Sisters

3:09pm Aug 05, 2013
Radio Camper Karl Steinbeisser enjoys listening back to his interview audio.


Helping kids is the passion of Amy Boardwine. She is a director at the Big Brothers Big Sisters-foundation of Davie County. She matches volunteers with young children that lost one or both of their parents. The volunteers work as mentors for their children. There is a long application process, including a criminal record check and a special training for the volunteers.

WFDD Radio camper Karl Steinbeisser had a chance to talk to her.


Amy Boardwine entered the room at the Davie County YMCA wearing long black pants, a white blouse with flowers on it and long dark blonde hear. I was able to see that she had a very open personality. We sat down at a table and I asked her how she got started at BBBS.

I was in a career which was in a corporate sector and I just wasn’t feeling like I was really doing what I should be doing with my life. I was feeling led in a different direction which might be a little more rewarding. By circumstance, I ended up being asked to serve on the Board for the Davie county Big Brothers Big Sisters office and realized that’s exactly where I was supposed to be: to be able to be a part of such an amazing program.

She told me that you have to be 20 years old to be a volunteer. Then, I asked if the volunteers and the Kids inspired her life.

I am inspired every day, by the mentors, and the children that I get an opportunity to work with. I always say that I feel so lucky to have this job. I’m just the middlemen, but I get to see the benefits of the difference that this mentor is making in this child’s life. But also, what you’ll hear the volunteers say often is that they got involved to help a child, and they had no idea just how much that child would end up impacting their own life.

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For WFDD Radio camp I'm Karl Steinbeisser.

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