We kick off the new year with a great selection of old time and bluegrass songs and tunes. Then we have excerpts from a Muddy Creek Music Hall show from July of 2017 featuring Blue Ridge region guitar wizards Wayne Henderson and Presley Barker. Wayne is a National Heritage Fellowship recipient, a world-renowned luthier and finger-picking guitar player.  Presley, who was 13 when this was recorded, discovered flat pick guitar at age 7 through hearing the great Doc Watson on the radio, and was hooked.  Listen to this charming, good-humored duo and you'll end up the hour with a smile on your face, guaranteed.


  1. Brushy Run
    Art Stamper
    Goodbye Girls, I'm Going To Boston
  2. Goin' Up On A Mountain
    The Buck Stops Here
    The Buck Stops Here
  3. Bacon and Cabbage
    Blind Joe Mangrum & Fred Shriver
    Nashville: The Early String Bands V. 2
  4. Friend of Mine
    The Gibson Brothers
    In The Ground
  5. Polly Put The Kettle On
    New Ballard's Branch Bogtrotters
    The Galax Way
  6. C.C. Rder
    Turner & Lynn Foddrell
    The Foothill Blues
  7. Break 1 - Steel Guitar Rag
    Presley Barker
    Just Ten
  8. Nashville Pickin'
    Presley Barker & Wayne Henderson
    Field recording
  9. Carter Family Medley
    Wayne Henderson & Presley Barker
    Field recording
  10. Nothin' To It
    Wayne Henderson & Presley Barker
    Field recording
  11. Way Down Town
    Doc Watson
    Original Folkways Recordings 1960-62
  12. Break 2 - Sally Anne
    Wayne Henderson
    A Century Of Heritage Guitar Music V. 1
  13. Texas Panhandle Rag
    Wayne Henderson & Presley Barker
    Field recording
  14. Snowflake Reel
    Wayne Henderson, Presley Barker, Daniel Greeson
    Field recording
  15. Elephant Story
    Wayne Henderson
    Field recording
  16. Bluegrass in the Backwoods
    Presley Barker
    Field recording
  17. Raggin' the Wires
    E.C. Ball
    E.C. Ball with Orna Ball

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