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  • 9:20am Apr 03, 2013

    American Historian Robert Remini Dies At 91

    A former House historian, prolific biographer and professor emeritus at the University of Illinois, Chicago, Robert Remini spent a lifetime exploring handwritten letters and other documents that illuminate the 19th century. He won a National Book Award for the three-volume The Life of Andrew Jackson.
  • 8:42am Apr 03, 2013
    National National Politics & Government

    Colo. Gun Laws Offer Inspiration, Cautionary Tale For Obama

    The president is trying to regain traction for federal gun control measures by visiting states that are moving forward on their own. Today he speaks in Colorado, where public outrage in the wake of mass shootings helped propel new legislation — and where opponents are promising political payback.
  • 8:19am Apr 03, 2013

    Restaurants Take Risks For Big Rewards At Phoenix Airport

    One of the busiest airports in the country is in the midst of a major upgrade that will bring local restaurants into a space typically reserved for mega-corporate chains. Nearly two dozen Phoenix culinary landmarks have landed space at Sky Harbor. But there is a cost. Rent at the airport is 10 times more expensive in some cases, and some small businesses have gone into a lot of debt to get their foot in the door.
  • Dr. Madhumathi Gunasekaran examines John Pike at the Northgate II clinic in Camden, N.J.
    Emma Lee
    8:19am Apr 03, 2013
    National National Health & Safety

    In South Jersey, New Options For Primary Care Are Slow To Take Hold

    Residents of an apartment building in Camden, N.J., racked up more than $1 million a year in hospital admissions and trips to the ER over about a decade. In response, a community group opened a doctor's office on the ground floor. But at first, residents weren't as eager to go as doctors had hoped.
  • 8:19am Apr 03, 2013
    Economy Economy

    H-1B Visa Applications As An Economic Indicator

    The demand from American companies for highly skilled immigrants seems to be up this year. And that could mean something is about to change for the overall economy.
  • 8:19am Apr 03, 2013

    Cold Snap Delays Maryland Crabbing Season

    The chill in the Chesapeake has left the water too cold for the crabs to come out of the mud. It turns out this is extending their lifespan — since it means watermen can't catch them.
  • 8:19am Apr 03, 2013
    Politics & Government Politics & Government Health & Safety

    White House Delays Part Of Health Care Law

    The Obama administration has decided to delay for a year a key piece of the health law that will let small businesses provide a choice of health plans to their workers. It is the first admission that the task of rolling out the law is too complicated to accomplish in the time allowed.
  • 8:19am Apr 03, 2013

    911 Dispatcher Asks Her Mom To Rescue Kayaker

    The dispatcher in Washington state sent an officer to rescue the stranded kayaker on the Colombia River. Fearing the kayaker wouldn't be reached in time, the dispatcher called an experienced kayaker living nearby: her mother.
  • Dave Kung with wife Sarah Tyson (left), stepson Cy Tyson-Brown and parents Sonja and George Kung.
    Courtesy of Dave Kung
    9:49pm Apr 02, 2013
    National National

    When You're Mixed Race, Just One Box Is Not Enough

    While being forced to tick a single box for "race" has never been a problem for George Washington III, who is black, his mixed-race children see it differently. And for Dave Kung, being allowed to check two races on the U.S. Census form for the first time prompted an unexpected outpouring of emotion.
  • 8:05am Apr 02, 2013
    World News World News

    Afghanistan, Pakistan Struggle To Find Common Ground

    Relations between the two countries have long been problematic but seemed to be turning a corner a few months ago. Now, they are at it again: After a series of diplomatic miscues, each country is accusing the other of hindering peace talks with the Taliban.