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  • 12:37pm Oct 20, 2019
    National National

    Lawyer Ben Crump On 'Open Season'

    NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks with Ben Crump, a lawyer for the families of many black Americans killed by police, about his new book Open Season: Legalized Genocide of Colored People.
  • 12:30pm Oct 20, 2019
    World News World News

    More Brexit Uncertainty

    Up against a Brexit deadline, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson seeks an extension from the EU, while telling the EU that he will not be seeking an extension.
  • 8:30am Oct 20, 2019
    Politics & Government Politics & Government

    Sunday Politics

    An update on President Trump's G-7 announcement, the Ukraine scandal and the impeachment inquiry.
  • 8:04am Oct 20, 2019
    World News World News

    Syria Update

    The pullback of U.S. troops in northern Syria has left the Kurds there vulnerable. NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks to The Wall Street Journal's Dion Nissenbaum about what he's seeing in the region.
  • 7:59am Oct 20, 2019
    World News World News

    An Introduction To The Kurds

    Turkey's invasion of northern Syria following the U.S. abandonment of their Kurdish allies there has put the spotlight on an ethnic group that has long sought autonomy.
  • 7:59am Oct 20, 2019
    Arts Arts

    Remembering Ballet Dancer Alicia Alonso

    Alicia Alonso, one of the finest ballet dancers of the 20th century, died Thursday in Havana. The dancer helped start the American Ballet Theatre, then built the Cuban state ballet program.
  • 7:59am Oct 20, 2019
    Arts Arts

    The Future And Past Of Barneys

    NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro speaks with New York Times Chief Fashion Critic Vanessa Friedman about the closure of Barneys stores.
  • 7:59am Oct 20, 2019
    Environment Environment

    Tackling Low Oxygen In An Oregon Lake

    As the climate warms, many U.S. lakes are seeing more algal blooms, low oxygen levels and stressed-out fish species. One research team in Oregon hopes that pumping oxygen into the water can help.
  • 7:59am Oct 20, 2019
    Music & Culture Music & Culture

    Jackie Cruz On 'Hija De Chavez'

    Jackie Cruz plays a convict in the series Orange Is the New Black, but she's also a singer. She talks to NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro about her debut album, Hija de Chavez.