For millions of people around the world, the United States is a symbol of hope. Hope for a better future for their children, hope for opportunities and hope for personal safety. For these things, many immigrants sacrifice and endure hardships in order to illegally enter this country. However, that may soon change as the U.S. Congress works on new immigration policies. Last week, members of the U.S. Senate passed an immigration reform bill that creates a pathway to U.S. citizenship in addition to increasing security at the borders. Now many hope members of the U.S. House will do the same.  

One El Salvadorian refugee is closely watching the U.S. debate over immigration reform. In this segment of StoryLine, she describes how her hope of living in the United States helped her escape a painful childhood. Be advised, some listeners may find some of the contents of her story disturbing.

StoryLine gives voice to everyday people throughout our community as they share the experiences that shape their lives. It is a project of the ECHO Network, dedicated to building trusting relationships in our community.

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