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9:09am Oct 19, 2017
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North Carolina Deal Would Expand Transgender Protections

North Carolina's governor launched a two-part strategy Wednesday that could end protracted litigation over the state's so-called bathroom bill and its replacement, while expanding LGBT protections

10:28am Oct 18, 2017
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Bill Seeks To Reduce Judges' Terms To 2 Years

Republican lawmakers have introduced a bill that would reduce judges terms to two years, while leaving it up to voters to decide the fate of the legislation.

9:29am Oct 13, 2017
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Contested Districts Include Two In Guilford

Three federal judges have heard arguments about how race was used to make the recently redrawn state legislative districts, and two Triad districts are among those being eyed for a do-over.

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5:18pm Nov 03, 2016
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Democracy 101: The Machinery Behind Election Day

In order to understand our current voting technology, we have to go back to the days of butterfly ballots, hanging chads, and a Florida recount – the presidential contest between George W. Bush and Al Gore.

8:31pm Nov 02, 2016
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Democracy 101: A Last-Minute Guide To Voting In North Carolina

Election Day is just days away (Nov. 8th, to be precise), and while plenty of North Carolina voters will head to the polls on the day itself, there’s still time to vote early, as well.

10:40am Oct 06, 2016
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Democracy 101: Making Sense Of The Polls

Polling and politics go hand-in-hand, with regular surveys of public opinion being a vital tool for campaigns and voters alike.

But with so many polls coming out so quickly these days, it can be hard to make sense of them, especially when they disagree.

10:38am Sep 29, 2016
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Democracy 101: What Do Campaigns Know About You?

As the election draws nearer, state and national campaigns are spending millions on reams of voter data, and they’re using that information to connect with people in a wide variety of personalized ways. In our series Democracy 101, we’re looking at how all this works.

5:01pm Sep 20, 2016
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Democracy 101: Decoding The Electoral College

“The primary purpose of the Electoral College was to put kind of a safety valve if we ever had too much democracy.”

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4:49pm Oct 20, 2017
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Former Intelligence Official On Iran Nuclear Deal

NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks about the Iran nuclear deal — which President Trump has called a "bad" deal — with Norman Roule, who retired last week as Iran mission manager for the director of national intelligence.
4:49pm Oct 20, 2017
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Can A Democrat Win In Alabama?

A competitive special election in Alabama has Democrats thinking they may have a shot at a U.S. Senate seat in a deeply red state. The Republican candidate, Roy Moore, has a controversial record that includes being twice removed from public office.