• 10:04am Dec 02, 2013
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    Born In The U.S., But Struggling To Acclimate In Mexico

    An estimated 300,000 kids born in the U.S. are now living in Mexico because their parents were either deported or went south of the border when jobs in the United States dried up. Schools in border areas aren't equipped to educate these children, who may be Mexican but don't feel Mexican.
  • Images from posters made by relatives show 10 of the 12 young people kidnapped in broad daylight from a bar in Mexico City on May 26. No one has claimed responsibility for the brazen abduction.
    Marco Ugarte/AP
    5:00pm Jul 02, 2013
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    Mass Kidnapping Puts Mexican Legal System On Trial

    Mexico City has largely been spared the drug violence in other parts of the country. But a brazen daylight abduction of 12 young people from a Mexico City bar is putting the spotlight on one of the capital's roughest neighborhoods, and putting the popular mayor on the defensive.
  • Enrique Lima is a co-founder of Publish 88, a Mexican startup that develops software for publishing companies.
    Mónica Ortiz Uribe for NPR
    6:18pm Jun 18, 2013
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    Mexico's Tech Startups Look To Overcome Barriers To Growth

    In the past decade, Mexico's tech industry has flourished, growing three times faster than the global average. Most of that growth has been fueled by demand from the United States. But as Mexico's startups strive to make it in foreign markets, they say they need more engineers and ways to finance their growth.