Wildfire Risk Remains High In NC; Forest Service Urges Vigilance

Wildfire Risk Remains High In NC; Forest Service Urges Vigilance

4:16pm Nov 08, 2019
Embers smoldering in a fire pit, if not put out correctly, can cause far-reaching fire damage. Courtesy of N.C. Forest Service.

The state forest service is urging residents to do their part in reducing wildfires, as dry-weather conditions present an increased risk.

While recent rains have provided some relief, the state is still coming back from a summer of drought-like conditions. More dry days and winds could be on the horizon, and that turns leaves and sticks on the forest floor into fuel for fire.

The smallest sparks and embers from fires can have devastating effects, so it’s important that campfires or fire pits are attended, and completely extinguished.

 Justin Query is the wildfire mitigation forester with the N.C. Forest Service

“See the best way to put a campfire out is to go ahead and put water on top of that," says Query. "But then stir in some dirt with it also. Continue to put some more water in there, and then stir in more dirt with it. Before you walk away from it, it should be cool to the touch.”

Query also says to avoid using accelerants in fire pits, make sure there are no flammables nearby, and clear dry leaves from all structures. 

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