Teens Boost Demand For Vaccinations In Forsyth County

Teens Boost Demand For Vaccinations In Forsyth County

4:46pm May 19, 2021
Teens made up about two-thirds of attendees at vaccination events in Forsyth County last week. GERRY BROOME/AP

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention's recent decision clearing the way for 12-15-year-olds to get vaccinated for COVID-19 has helped boost interest in the shot in Forsyth County. 

Vaccine supply still far exceeds demand in the county –— that’s why the health department decided to shut down its mass vaccination site. But Public Health Director Joshua Swift says he’s encouraged by the numbers he saw at events last week, with teens making up about two-thirds of the attendees. 

“Well, we did see about three times as many people on this past Saturday and past Thursday," said Swift. "Our numbers had been very low on Thursdays and Saturdays since we'd come back to the health department.” 

Swift says school-based vaccination events scheduled for this week have generated similarly high interest. 

As of Tuesday, just 7% of those 12-17 were fully vaccinated. That’s to be expected though, given that many of them just became eligible last week.

Young adults ages 18-24 make up the second-lowest share of the county’s vaccinated population, with about one-third fully immunized. 

The health department is hosting several community events to boost participation, including one on Friday held in partnership with the Backyard Axe Throwing League. Those vaccinated will get 10 free axe throws. 

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