Pickens Buddies

Pickens Buddies

11:50am Mar 06, 2013
Carol Ann Harris (left) & Loree Armstrong (right)

Pickens, South Carolina is about the size of Lewisville here in the Triad. Almost everyone knows each other and some people can still walk from their homes into downtown. It's a long-time cotton mill town. It is home to late 60's folk-pop star Browning Bryant. And it’s the thread connecting Carol Ann Harris and Loree Armstrong together.


Loree was born and raised in Pickens. She moved away after graduating high school to attend college. Carol Ann also lived in Pickens but experienced it as an adult raising her children. In 2010, these ladies met each other as 'Mount Tabor Lacrosse Moms'. Both of their sons play on the high school team. They describe each other as “new best friends who feel like really old soul mates”. But they never imagined a tiny, southern town would play such a big part in their relationship. 

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