North Carolina Hospitals Declare Racism A Public Health Crisis

North Carolina Hospitals Declare Racism A Public Health Crisis

10:12am Nov 19, 2020
(AP Photo/Mic Smith)

The group representing all 130 hospitals in North Carolina has released a statement declaring racism to be a public health crisis. 

The North Carolina Healthcare Association has announced an intensified focus on creating equitable care for all patients.

In a statement released on Wednesday, officials said persistent racism is among several social injustices driving widening disparities in care that disproportionately harm people of color. The association says marginalized groups are being especially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The statement pledges a commitment to addressing issues related to racial justice, patient experience, and harm reduction when it comes to bias in patient care.

One ingredient in a multi-pronged approach is anti-bias professional development training for employees at all staff levels.

The group will also track data needed to accurately identify gaps in care delivery and patient outcomes. And they plan to identify and implement best practices in reducing disparities.

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