Maneuver For HB2 Repeal Falls Short In North Carolina House

Maneuver For HB2 Repeal Falls Short In North Carolina House

5:23pm Mar 14, 2017
(Credit: Emily McCord/WFDD)

The latest effort by Democrats at the North Carolina legislature to try to repeal the state's law limiting LGBT rights – commonly called the "bathroom bill" – has fallen short.

House Minority Leader Darren Jackson proposed an amendment Tuesday to a measure dealing with the state Banking Commission that would have repealed the law known as House Bill 2.

Republican rules Chairman David Lewis — leading the floor debate — deemed the amendment out of order because it wasn't relevant to the banking legislation. The chamber voted essentially along party lines to uphold Lewis' decision.

Jackson and other Democrats portrayed it as a last-ditch maneuver to repeal HB2, which limits LGBT nondiscrimination laws and which public restrooms transgender people can use. They fear the NCAA will soon pull North Carolina bids for championship events through 2022 because of HB2.

House Bill 2 was originally passed in March 2016. Despite legal challenges and several attempts at repealing the measure, the general assembly has shown no sign that a compromise on the matter is forthcoming.

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