Kaine Talks Economy, Education, And HB2 At Greensboro Campaign Stop

Kaine Talks Economy, Education, And HB2 At Greensboro Campaign Stop

6:40pm Aug 03, 2016
Democratic vice presidential nominee, Sen. Tim Kaine made a campaign stop at the Greensboro Transit Authority on Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2016. Keri Brown/WFDD

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine asked a crowd at the depot of the Greensboro Transit Authority to support Hillary Clinton Wednesday. The theme of the day: Clinton’s plans for the economy, which include providing more support for small businesses and making investments to build infrastructure and education programs.

Beforehand, Kaine toured Amerifab International, a small High Point manufacturing company. He spent a lot of time comparing Clinton’s plans with Republican challenger Donald Trump and criticized Trump’s business record, saying North Carolinians are not gullible.

“And sadly there’s a lot of history with Donald Trump where people who have believed him have gotten hurt and stiffed and, in many cases, they’ve even lost their businesses.”

But Republican supporters say Kaine’s criticisms don’t hold their weight.

The North Carolina GOP released a statement ahead of Tim Kaine's campaign stop in North Carolina:

"It's funny that Tim Kaine would come to North Carolina to promote Hillary Clinton's disastrous economic agenda, considering unemployment skyrocketed and he proposed $4 billion in tax increases while Governor of Virginia. It's clear Tim Kaine knows nothing about sound economic policies," said State Senator Joyce Krawiec.

Sen. Kaine was joined by several high-profile Democrats during his stop in Greensboro, including state Attorney General Roy Cooper, who’s running for governor against incumbent Pat McCrory.

North Carolina is a battleground state and more campaign stops from both parties are expected as the November election nears.

The latest polling shows the North Carolina governor’s race is essentially tied, with the presidential contest close, as well. 

Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, is also stumping in North Carolina this week. He will be in Raleigh on Thursday for a town hall event.


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