House OKs Cellphone Ban, Billboard Measure Before Deadline

House OKs Cellphone Ban, Billboard Measure Before Deadline

4:42pm May 07, 2019
North Carolina State Legislative Building. W Edward Callis III, public domain

One North Carolina legislative chamber has wrapped up its work before a deadline the General Assembly imposed on itself this week so that the universe of bills filed during this two-year session is narrowed.

The House approved nearly 30 bills on Tuesday, including measures designed to discourage hand-held cellphone use while driving and apartment renters abusing limits on emotional support pets. Another approved bill gives billboard companies the option to move signs when they're removed due to the construction of new roads.

The House isn't meeting again until next week, but the Senate planned to take up more bills before Thursday's actual "crossover" deadline. Any measure unrelated to taxes or spending that doesn't pass one chamber by Thursday is considered dead through 2020. There are ways around the deadline, however.

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