A team of prize-winning Greensboro filmmakers will be screening not one, but two movies at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

The artistic team of Darren Hummel and The Magic Shop already had one short film screening at Cannes. Their sci-fi short Gotta Go won the Greensboro 48 Hour Film Project. In the seven minute movie, the protagonist discovers that his office bathroom functions as a wormhole capable of transporting him and his fellow employees to points outside the office.

Then the team won a second competition, called “Wake Up In Cannes.”

The challenge? To create a film shot in both the U.S. and France in only a few days. The competition's sponsor is flying the team out to Cannes to complete and screen the film.

Iris Carter, city producer of Greensboro's 48 Hour Film Project, is impressed with the team's achievement.

“When Darren was forming a team for the 48 Hour Film Project, this was his first year as the actual team leader," Carter says. "And to think that he's done all this never having led a team before is phenomenal.”

The group is currently in France, and have until Monday, May 16th, to shoot and edit the short. The new movie follows a man trying to awaken his blind grandmother's memories of her youth.

You can watch the team's short film, Gotta Go, on Vimeo.

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