A couple of great shows coming up!

A couple of great shows coming up!

2:13pm Jan 02, 2017
  • Bill Hicks, Jim Watson, Joe Newberry and Mike Craver deliver a fine performance at Muddy Creek Music Hall for Across the Blue Ridge. Listen starting January 6.

    Paul Brown

  • Burl Hammons was a captivating fiddler, banjo player and storyteller from West Virginia. We hear him on Across the Blue Ridge as documented by the American Folklife Center in the 1970s.

    Carl Fleischhauer

I won't be able to post about Across the Blue Ridge for a couple of weeks. No doubt you're heartbroken. But meantime, I want to let you know about two fabulous shows coming up. Starting January 6, we have selections from the April, 2016 concert by Red Clay Ramblers veterans Craver, Hicks, Watson & Newberry! It's a dilly. You'll love it.  Then starting January 13, it's a fine wintertime listening hour with the Sauceman Brothers on radio from the 1950s; icons of old time music including Burl Hammons and Fred Cockerham; and today's performers including Betse EllisAnna RG, Elizabeth Elizabeth LaPrelle and others. Public media featuring real people making real music with real acoustic instruments. They tell good stories too, that's for sure.  Click below anytime to listen, hear archived programs, find a station, subscribe to our podcast, check our playlists and blog. Join us for the great little show that nearly everybody loves.