It’s time for this month’s edition of Carolina Curious. Today’s query is a timely one, and it comes from Winston-Salem listener Christina Soriano who asks:

"Will Kaleideum downtown be the new home for the animals that once lived at Kaleideum North?"

Last week was a big one for the experiential learning museum. After years of planning, moving, new construction and more, its grand opening took place on Saturday. Kaleideum was created in 2016 with the merger of the Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem and SciWorks, the Science Center and Environmental Park of Forsyth County. Now the two locations are finally under one roof downtown. But what about the animals who used to reside at Kaleideum North — formerly SciWorks? What happens to them?

"So, Kaleidium North had a wide range of animals," says Leigh Ann Woodruff, the vice president of communications and operations. "For example, we have Huey our McCaw, and we had snakes, and some turtles, and a tortoise. All of those inside animals that lived at Kaleidium North are coming to the new museum with us. So, for example Huey is already here getting used to his new habitat."

As for the deer, sheep, and donkeys that previously lived outdoors, Woodruff says many have passed away due to old age. Other animals, including the otter and Rascal the raccoon, were relocated to animal sanctuaries or area farms and found new homes there.

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