Another Lawsuit Filed In NC Over Abortion Protest Arrests

Another Lawsuit Filed In NC Over Abortion Protest Arrests

8:45am Apr 20, 2020

Stay-at-home orders haven’t stopped abortion protesters from gathering in Greensboro and Charlotte during the shutdown, and the debate has shifted to federal court.

A conservative Christian group filed the latest lawsuit in a Charlotte federal court last week. It accuses authorities of singling out the abortion protesters for enforcement of anti-crowd measures.

The plaintiff is one of several people arrested April 4 outside of a Charlotte clinic for exceeding a 10-person limit imposed to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

About 50 protesters gathered in Charlotte and eight were arrested. The lawsuit targets the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, which imposed the limit under a joint proclamation.

In Greensboro, four people were arrested during an abortion protest last month. Police say the four were charged because they were violating local and state orders that require people to stay home except for essential activities and prohibit gatherings in large groups.


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