Radio 101

Radio 101 is WFDD's education program for high school students. It teaches interested students about journalism, technology, personal reflection and storytelling.

The program has been held at Carver High School in Winston-Salem and The Middle College at Guilford Technical Community College in High Point.

During Fall 2018, Radio 101 was held at Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem as a for credit class.

Stories are produced by students with assistance from WFDD staff.

Are you interested in producing Radio? Sign up for Radio 101 After-school 2019 here.

  • Sam and his mom
    Samuel Woo
    7:46pm Feb 21, 2020
    Human Interest Human Interest

    A New Me

    The concept of mortality can be hard to grasp for children, especially young ones. On this Radio 101 story, student Samuel Woo explores how to move on with his life after a major loss rocks his world.

  • 2:07pm Jun 05, 2013
    Human Interest Human Interest

    Meeting Dad

    In many societies, the traditional family is a father, a mother and children. But there’s a generation of children who don’t really know their fathers.

  • 3:43pm Mar 04, 2013
    Human Interest Human Interest

    The Day I Grew Up

    Darius Underwood attended Carver High School in Winston-Salem.

  • 9:49am Mar 01, 2013
    Human Interest Human Interest

    Going Home Again

    Krystal Dean participated in Radio 101 in 2011 while attending Carver High School in Winston-Salem.  She shares her experience of coming home to a family she barely knew after years living at the M

  • 9:31am Mar 01, 2013
    Human Interest Human Interest

    Proud To Be A Panther

    Tiffany McMaillian participated in Radio 101 in 2011. In this story Tiffany talks about her high school James B. Dudley High School and the support and encouragement she receives there.

  • Kathryn Mobley
    12:00am May 21, 2012
    Race Race

    The Poison of Colorism

    Every day Sierra Lee wakes up, she says she goes to war. Sierra describes her life as a dark-skinned African American as a continuous fight.