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  • Comedian-turned-politician Beppe Grillo addresses supporters at a rally on Feb. 12 in Bergamo, Italy. Many pollsters say his populist Five Star Movement could come in third in this weekend's election.
    Giuseppe Cacace / AFP/Getty Images
    8:24am Feb 22, 2013
    World News World News

    'The Real Jiminy Cricket': Unlikely Candidate Upends Italian Elections

    Comedian-turned-politician Beppe Grillo's populist Five Star Movement is soaring in the polls ahead of elections this weekend. His rallies have attracted tens of thousands of Italians tired of a poor economy, widespread corruption and political patronage. But there are concerns that no one knows what Grillo's movement stands for.
  • Visible spectrum. Certain bright colors and petal shapes attract certain pollinators.
    Kevin Collins
    7:47am Feb 22, 2013
    Science Science

    Honey, It's Electric: Bees Sense Charge On Flowers

    Bees and flowers communicate in colors, scents and shapes. Now scientists have discovered that bumblebees can also sense flowers' electric fields. This sixth sense helps them remember and recognize nectar-rich blooms while foraging.
  • 7:34am Feb 22, 2013
    World News World News

    Teachers Use Faux Disney Trip To Snare Snooping Student

    In Canada, teachers at a school in Windsor, Ontario, suspected an eighth grader was going through their desks. So they planted brochures for a class trip to Disney World. They even made a presentation, and then said: "just kidding." The snooping student got his comeuppance but other kids and parents were furious. The school apologized.
  • 7:21am Feb 22, 2013

    Boy Calls Police To Report His Nagging Mom

    A 10-year-old boy from Brockton, Mass., didn't want to go to bed. When his mom insisted, he replied, "I'm gonna call the cops on you." A local newspaper reports police came and gently explained when it's appropriate to dial the emergency number.
  • 6:22am Feb 22, 2013
    World News World News Economy

    Boeing Believes It Has Safety Fix For 787s

    Boeing is formally laying out its case for the 787s to be returned to the sky. The Dreamliner has been grounded since last month when batteries overheated. Senior company officials meet with the FAA administrator Friday.
  • 6:09am Feb 22, 2013

    Major Storm Blankets Plains States

    A massive storm closed more than 200 miles of highway and grounded hundreds of flights. Kansas City suffered one of the worst storms in its history.
  • 6:02am Feb 22, 2013
    Sports Sports

    Sunday's Daytona 500 Kicks Off NASCAR Season

    For the first time, the race will start with a woman at the front of the pack. Danica Patrick's claim of the pole position is a shot in the arm for NASCAR after a few down years. Linda Wertheimer talks to Jeff Gluck, motorsports reporter for USA Today, about Patrick's milestone, and how the rest of the field is shaping up.
  • The third floor of the Warner Brothers Prop House holds a host of antiques available for rent by set decorators working on television and films. Each of the building's four floors is as big as a football field.
    David Gilkey / NPR
    3:07pm Feb 21, 2013
    Arts Arts

    For Film Set Decorators, Tiny Details Count

    On a movie set, every piece of furniture, wall hanging or bit of desktop clutter that an actor doesn't touch is chosen by the film's set decorator. For her annual Oscar-season series on Hollywood jobs, NPR's Susan Stamberg follows a handful of these decorators from prep through "Action!"
  • 9:17am Feb 21, 2013
    National National Politics & Government

    Defense Cuts May No Longer Be Political Sacred Cow

    Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has said the looming automatic spending cuts will damage U.S. national security. But the warnings don't appear to be moving the needle with lawmakers or the American public.