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  • 11:22am Apr 12, 2013

    Rep. Walz Wins Congressional Casserole Challenge

    The Minnesota delegation held its third annual "hotdish off" cooking competition. Nine lawmakers entered, but only one could bring home the trophy. Rep. Tim Walz won handily with a casserole made of cheddar cheese, tater tots and bratwurst.
  • Morrissey, an outspoken critic of Margaret Thatcher, is one of many U.K. musicians who responded to the late British leader's reforms in song.
    Album cover
    10:55am Apr 12, 2013
    Music & Culture Music & Culture

    The Thatcher Era's Effect On British Music

    Journalist Stuart Maconie says Margaret Thatcher and her reforms inspired a wealth of music in the U.K. — the tone of which could be glowing or grim, depending on what part of the country the musicians were from.
  • 10:55am Apr 12, 2013

    Consumers Cut Back, Sales Reports Show

    Higher taxes and slow hiring cut into consumer purchasing last month. Analysts say is behind a disappointing March retail sales report. Host David Greene has more.
  • 10:55am Apr 12, 2013

    Burger King CEO To Run Heinz

    Bernardo Hees, 43, has been wearing the Burger King crown since 2010 when the fast food chain was bought by 3G Capital. Earlier this year, 3G Capital bought Heinz for $23 billion.
  • 10:55am Apr 12, 2013
    World News World News

    How Chavez Changed Venezuela's Telenovelas

    Morning Edition has been reporting from Venezuela this week about the legacy of the late President Hugo Chavez. During the two years Chavez spent in prison for an attempted coup in 1992, he never missed an episode of his favorite soap opera. But Chavez had his own drama with the industry.
  • 8:35pm Apr 11, 2013
    National National Economy

    Texas Contractors Say Playing By The Rules Doesn't Pay

    With a large labor force willing to work for low wages, construction may appear to be a lucrative field for contractors in Texas. But prices have been driven so low that many say they can't compete if they play by the rules. Instead, some misclassify their workers or turn a blind eye to undocumented laborers.
  • A technique for imaging the brain allowed researchers to distinguish between physical and emotional pain.
    Courtesy of Tom Wager
    3:16pm Apr 11, 2013
    Science Science Health & Safety

    How Much Does It Hurt? Let's Scan Your Brain

    Researchers say they can measure how much pain someone is experiencing and even watch as prescription painkillers relieve it. The scanning technique could help doctors treat pain better, but the work is also fraught with questions about how the technology could interfere with the relationship between doctors and patients.