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  • Affordable Care Act navigator Nini Hadwen helps Floridians shop for health insurance in October.
    Joe Raedle / Getty Images
    6:44pm Dec 12, 2013
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    A Rush To Reconcile Health Enrollment Data, By Hand

    Problems persist on the back end of, which must process accurate enrollment information so insurers can receive premium payments and start coverage for consumers. Reconciliation of the data just started this week, as time to fix problems is running out.
  • 12:51pm Dec 12, 2013
    Politics & Government Politics & Government Health & Safety

    Obama Concedes Botched Insurance Website Rollout Cost Time

    The Obama administration is asking for people who've been turned off by the government's problem-plagued insurance website to come back. Officials say the website is working better now, though it's still far from fixed.
  • Young broilers nibble feed at a chicken farm in Luling, Texas. The Food and Drug Administration has issued new guidance on how drug companies label antibiotics for livestock.
    Bob Nichols / USDA/Flickr
    8:07pm Dec 11, 2013
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    Drug Companies Accept FDA Plan To Phase Out Some Animal Antibiotic Uses

    The Food and Drug Administration Wednesday advised companies to change the labels on their drugs to make it illegal for livestock producers to use drugs for "growth promotion" or "feed efficiency." The announcement is the latest step in a long-running effort by the FDA to reduce the use of antibiotics in agriculture.
  • 10:10am Dec 11, 2013
    National National Health & Safety

    Exchange Enrollment Growing But Still Short Of Forecasts

    The Obama administration just released the latest sign-up numbers for its troubled health insurance exchange website. Enrollment picked up last month, after a disastrous start in October. Still, the number of people signing up for coverage is below the administration's original forecasts.
  • Joey Cappuccitti, who works at a Maximus call center, talks with a person looking for help with New York's insurance exchange.
    Fred Mogul
    10:55am Dec 09, 2013
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    New York's Insurance Exchange Readies For Holiday Rush

    As a Dec. 23 enrollment deadline for health insurance that starts Jan. 1 looms, New York state is staffing up its call center and smoothing out the rough spots on its application to meet growing demand. As time runs down, the state is trying to fix technical and design issues that came up when the site debuted in October.
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    6:31am Dec 06, 2013
    National National Health & Safety Now Allows Window Shopping, And A Do-Over

    Probably the best feature of the retooled website is that you can actually use it. People are now able to get a customized list of plans and prices, and click through to see an insurer's provider directory. Still, better though it is, it's clearly not 100 percent.
  • Solid friendships can help buffer life's stress.
    6:31am Dec 06, 2013
    Science Science Health & Safety

    Teens Who Feel Supported At Home And School Sleep Better

    The notoriously short night's sleep that many tired adolescents get isn't all about surging hormones and too much homework, according to a sociologist who looked at shifting sleep patterns from ages 12 to 15. Teens who report good relationships with family and schoolmates tend to sleep better.
  • Syrian boys line up to get the polio vaccine at a refugee camp in Sidon, Lebanon, on Nov. 7. The Lebanese government plans to vaccinate all kids under age 5 for the virus, including Syrian refugees.
    Mohammad Zaatari/AP
    9:31am Dec 05, 2013
    World News World News Health & Safety

    As Polio Spreads In Syria, Politics Thwarts Vaccination Efforts

    The polio outbreak in Syria has spread to four cities, and new cases are suspected each day. But U.N. agencies responsible for combating the outbreak can work only with the Syrian government. This limitation has hobbled vaccination efforts in rebel-held regions, where the virus was first detected.