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  • Dr. Tom Nary is the director of health services at Boston College.
    Tovia Smith/NPR
    7:54pm Jan 15, 2013
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    Colleges Try To Curtail Flu Risk For Students

    As students return to class from winter break, campus health official are trying to avert an outbreak. Colleges in Boston are especially worried after the mayor's declaration last week of a public health emergency in the city.
  • 1:03pm Jan 11, 2013
    Science Science Health & Safety

    Getting A Handle On Why Fingers Wrinkle

    Why do your fingers get pruney after a long water bath? Only a handful of researchers (ever) have looked into the finger-wrinkling experience. Reporting in the journal Biology Letters, researchers make the case for finger wrinkles as treads — wet wrinkled fingers seem to grip better than wet smooth ones.
  • The active ingredient in Ambien stays in the body longer than thought, FDA officials say.
    Tim Boyle / Getty Images
    6:26pm Jan 10, 2013
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    Wake-Up Call: FDA Pushes Drugmakers To Weaken Sleeping Pills

    The active ingredient in many sleep aid medications like Ambien stays in the body longer than had been thought, which could leave people drowsy the next day. So the Food and Drug Administration is ordering pharmaceutical companies to change the labeling on drugs containing the ingredient zolpidem.
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    6:46pm Jan 09, 2013
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    U.S. Ranks Below 16 Other Rich Countries In Health Report

    Americans are sicker and die sooner than their counterparts in comparable nations. No single cause can account for the difference, but improving medical care will only help so much, as disparities can be traced to dietary choices, drugs and alcohol, guns, and even cars.
  • A picture from the photo story "Keg Stand Queens," which explores the gender dynamics of undergraduate binge drinking.
    Amanda Berg / The Alexia Foundation for NPR
    11:59am Jan 09, 2013
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    Binge Drinking Among Women Is Both Dangerous And Overlooked

    About 13 percent of U.S. women go on drinking binges each month, say officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The damage from binge drinking runs the gamut from death to unintended pregnancy. Public health officials say binge drinking can be curbed with greater awareness and thoughtful interventions.
  • Dr. Jame Abraham used positron emission tomography, or PET, scans to understand differences in brain metabolism before and after chemotherapy.
    Dr. Jame Abraham
    12:00pm Jan 02, 2013
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    Another Side Effect Of Chemotherapy: 'Chemo Brain'

    For years, researchers have struggled to understand the mental fog that envelops some patients getting chemotherapy. Now a study has found that the cancer treatment significantly decreases brain activity in regions responsible for memory, attention, planning and prioritizing.
  • Betty Daniel gets a routine yearly mammogram from mammography tech Stella Palmer at Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago in 2012.
    Heather Charles / MCT/Landov
    10:08am Jan 02, 2013
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    Breast Cancer: What We Learned In 2012

    The 2012 mammography debate was a continuation of a controversy touched off three years ago when a government task force said women under 50 don't need regular mammograms. And one recent analysis found that regular screenings haven't reduced the rate of advanced breast cancers.