Strange News

  • 7:06am Mar 15, 2013

    Tablet Games Go To The Cats

    Touch-screen devices have opened up video gaming to a whole new demographic: cats. Cat-food company Friskies has already made a few tablet games designed specifically for cats to play. One features virtual fish swimming around, taunting kitties to paw at the iPad screen. If you don't believe it, go to YouTube.
  • 9:34am Mar 14, 2013

    Jack Russell Terrier Swallows More Than 100 Pennies

    Tim Kelleher's Jack Russell terrier — named Jack — scarfs down anything he can get his paws on. Last week, his vet discovered the dog had scarfed down a bagel and, somewhere along the line, more than a hundred pennies. The vet operated and removed the pennies.
  • 9:34am Mar 14, 2013

    British Man Learns Downside To Internet Fame

    A 62-year-old man had been on sick leave from work due to stress for the past few months — which is why his employer was surprised to see him wrestling a shark on an Australian beach in a video that went viral. The charity he worked for fired him. In his defense, the man said a doctor had advised him to take a vacation.
  • 6:29am Mar 12, 2013

    Arizona Gator Gets $6,000 Prosthetic Tail

    Mr. Stubbs (his tail was bitten off years ago) was taken in by the Phoenix Herpetological Society. There, The Arizona Republic reports, an orthopedic care specialist realized a silicone tail could be designed for him. Now, Mr. Stubbs sports a $6,000 prosthetic.
  • 7:23am Mar 11, 2013

    Widow Sues Church Over Sports-Themed Headstone

    An Indiana woman wanted to honor her late husband with a headstone shaped like a couch, and featuring Indianapolis Colts and NASCAR logos. St. Joseph's Catholic Church said the headstone is completely inappropriate — so the widow sued.
  • 10:51am Feb 06, 2013

    Hasbro's Monopoly Trades Its Old Iron For A New Cat

    The iron will no longer be passing go or stopping at Park Place. The company ran a "save your token" campaign, and only 8 percent of respondents fought for the iron. The winner? That little Scottie dog, which might prefer the old iron to the token replacing it: a cat.
  • 9:59am Jan 05, 2013

    Another Think Coming? Scrutinizing An Oft-Misused Phrase

    When President Obama addressed the country on New Year's Eve in the middle of negotiations over the "fiscal cliff," he warned Republicans that any government spending cuts would have to be accompanied by tax increases. If they thought otherwise, the president said, "then they've got another thing coming." According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the phrase was originally "to have another think coming."