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  • 8:58am Dec 27, 2012
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    Music-Streaming Services Hunt For Paying Customers

    Services like Pandora and Spotify have been trying to win over two types of customers: younger people who don't buy music at all and older people who still like physical albums. But it's been difficult to lure customers willing to pay for music they won't own or that they can find for free online.
  • 6:53am Dec 26, 2012
    Economy Economy

    Worst CEO List, Who's On It?

    David Greene talks to Sydney Finkelstein, who teaches management at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, about his list of the worst CEOs of 2012. Of interest is not just who made the list this year, but who didn't.
  • 7:51am Dec 14, 2012
    Economy Economy

    SEC Chairman Schapiro's Exit Interview

    In an interview with David Greene, outgoing Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary Schapiro reflects on her tenure at the agency, and the disappointment that she wasn't able to overhaul money market funds. She leaves the job on Friday.
  • 10:55am Dec 11, 2012
    National National Economy

    Detroit Tries To Stave Off State Takeover Of Finances

    If the mayor and City Council can't agree on a plan to reduce the budget deficit, state officials are poised to take away their power over Detroit's purse strings. The mayor and the council blame each other for the impasse. And with the deficit deepening, residents' frustration continues to mount.
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    9:09am Dec 05, 2012
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    When The Art Of The Deal Includes Improv Training

    Some top-tier business schools — Duke, UCLA, MIT and Stanford — are teaching improv as a way for students to increase collaboration, creativity and risk taking. An instructor at MIT says success in business, as in improvisation, can hinge on your ability to rebound.