Winston-Salem Considers Adding Handicap Parking Spots Downtown

Winston-Salem Considers Adding Handicap Parking Spots Downtown

6:00am Jan 02, 2017
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Winston-Salem could see designated handicap accessible parking spaces added in the downtown area, as City Council considers making changes to its on-street parking.

Right now, with a few exceptions, if you have a handicap placard or tag, you can park in any metered space downtown for an unlimited amount of time and you don’t have to pay a fee. 

But some community members say it’s not enough. They recently expressed concerns to council members about a lack of designated parking spaces for disabled people along downtown streets. They say Winston-Salem lags behind other large cities that offer more spots.

Assistant City Manager Gregory Turner says they will collect public input from local businesses, organizations and residents before any decision is made.

“We will look at several possibilities and talk with various groups. Some of the spaces may need to be taken out of a loading zone in order to be handicap spaces," Turner says. "It means making sure that the space will work and that it’s accessible.”

He adds that any move could also reduce the number of general parking spots available. 

Turner says he’s not sure how long the process will take. He expects the Public Safety Committee to review the community feedback in February.

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