United Way CEO Explains Shift In Spending

United Way CEO Explains Shift In Spending

8:50am Dec 22, 2015
Cindy Gordoneer, CEO of the United Way of Forsyth County. Photo Credit: United Way image

Several local non-profits are dealing with a major change in how the United Way allocates money to its member organizations. The agency is moving away from general grants to specifically target health, education and financial stability.

WFDD's Paul Garber spoke with United Way of Forsyth CEO Cindy Gordoneer about the changes. She says the shift is in response to donor's increasing demands for results.

Interview highlights:

On why United Way is making the changes: 

"Our donors have been fairly clear with us that they want to see movement on things, and not just fixing something today and having to fix it tomorrow. Most people know United Way as a community fundraiser. Now with technology you can make gifts all day long or all night long in your pajamas. What United Way can do is take the resources and align those investments with organizations to address more complex issues in our community."

On tackling the most difficult problems:

"We're going to have to be incredibly patient. We are generations moving toward where we are today, and we're probably going to be generations moving away. But if we aren't going to be willing to do that work on a long-term basis we will not see change, and if we give up too soon we're going to have wasted a lot of dollars."

On United Way's response to the community groups that are getting less funding:  

"We know transition is hard. I'm very empathetic to the fact that it is not an easy process to go for anyone. Our partners have been living with this anxiety and knowing we were going to make this transition for several years now. We're understanding of that. We put out what our metrics were last January and said 'These are the things in our community we need to have a positive effect on - you tell us, partners, on how to get there."








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