Local experts have created a new program that helps families of color talk to their children about racism and discrimination. 

The online resource is called One Talk at a Time, and it's a collaborative effort by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Wake Forest University.

It provides parents with videos and prompts to help them start a dialogue with their kids. 

Dr. Gaby Livas Stein at UNCG is a lead researcher and developer for the program. She says conversations about racism and discrimination can be daunting.

“So, I think sometimes parents think about, sort of, these big talks, right? The sex talk, or the race talk, or whatever talk that might be, and it's one talk," she says. "But we think that a more natural way for this to come up in conversation and [so it] happens continually is to keep opening that door and to keep checking in.”

One Talk at a Time offers specialized programs for Latinx American, Asian American, and African American families.


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