Morning News Briefs: Monday, December 2nd, 2019

Morning News Briefs: Monday, December 2nd, 2019

6:48am Dec 02, 2019

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New North Carolina Congress Map Up For State Judges' Review

North Carolina judges are deciding whether a U.S. House district map that Republican state legislators approved last month should be used in the 2020 elections or be redrawn yet again.

A three-judge panel scheduled a court hearing for Monday to review what's happened since October when it blocked the use of the 13 district boundaries approved in 2016 because they were likely unlawful partisan gerrymanders.

The GOP-controlled General Assembly created a new map, which appears to threaten election prospects for two Republican incumbents. But Democratic and unaffiliated voters who challenged the 2016 map say it doesn't fix problems of extreme partisan bias.

Candidate Filing Opens For 2020 Elections In North Carolina

North Carolina officially kicks off the 2020 campaign with the opening of candidate filing for hundreds of elected positions such as governor and U.S. senator, in the state legislature and on the courts.

The State Board of Elections and all county boards begin taking candidate paperwork and filing fees at midday Monday. The filing period ends at noon Dec. 20.

Primaries will be held on March 3 between multiple candidates from the same party vying for the same job.

'Raise The Age' Juvenile Initiative Among New Laws In North Carolina

Significant changes to North Carolina's justice system for young offenders and sex-related offenses began this weekend.

No longer will 16- and 17-year-olds be automatically tried in adult court for most nonviolent or less serious felonies as the "Raise the Age" initiative takes effect.

North Carolina's designation as the only state where women can't revoke sexual consent is getting eliminated. A new law also essentially cancels a 2008 court decision that said sexual assault laws don't apply to people incapacitated because they decided to take drugs or drink alcohol.

The age limit in which child sexual abuse victims can sue for civil damages also is going up from 21 to 28.

Buttigieg Turns To Barber To Discuss Racism, Poverty

Pete Buttigieg has turned to a black pastor and civil rights activist in North Carolina in his effort to win over black voters, whose support is vital to his Democratic presidential bid.

Buttigieg attended Sunday services in Goldsboro, North Carolina, at the Rev. William Barber's Greenleaf Christian Church. The mayor of South Bend, Indiana, stayed for a discussion of economic inequality, a focus of Barber's revival of the Rev. Martin Luther King's Poor People's Campaign.

Buttigieg’s problems gaining ground with black voters have persisted since earlier in his campaign when he faced tough questions back home after the shooting of an African-American man by a white South Bend police officer.

'Wastewater Toolbox' Helps Manufacturers With Sustainability

A new digital tool is helping the global textile industry improve its wastewater footprint, and North Carolina played an important role in its creation.

It’s called the Wastewater 101 Toolbox, and it was created by The Sustainability Consortium along with partners at Hanes Brands, Cotton Inc., and NC State University.

The online resource was made to help educate those in the textile industry about using less water and treating wastewater that may include harmful chemicals produced from the manufacturing process.

Karen Leonas with NC State says many products today are created outside of the U.S. and therefore aren’t regulated by an organization such as the Environmental Protection Agency.

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