Greensboro Museum Seeks Community Views On Racial, Social Issues

Greensboro Museum Seeks Community Views On Racial, Social Issues

10:58am Jun 19, 2020
Marchers stop to listen to Damorius Fuller Ali during a Greensboro protest in response to the death of George Floyd in May. PAUL GARBER/WFDD

The Greensboro History Museum has launched a video project to gather responses on racial and social issues. 

The museum is opening the project to residents and students. Participants are given a series of four questions and have 90 seconds to respond to each one. 

Users will be asked how George Floyd’s death affected them, and what they think of race relations in Greensboro, among other questions. Once participants have uploaded their video responses, they’ll be used to make YouTube playlists for public viewing.

Floyd’s killing by a Minneapolis police officer sparked angry demonstrations across the country. Greensboro’s early protests became so heated that the city at one point enforced a curfew. 

In a release, City Manager David Parrish says the project gives the community a chance to express their views on race and social justice issues and will help shape policy reform.

The project is free to users but requires a computer or device with a video camera. 

It runs through July 4. 

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