Greensboro Police Chief Brian James is offering a blunt assessment of how things have gone during his tenure, including a rise in homicides.

James issued a lengthy statement via email cataloging the violence that the city has seen so far this year. 

With a month left to go in 2020, there have been 56 homicides in the city, a record number.

James initiated a violent crime strategy in May. And yet there's been a nearly 20 percent increase in gun violence this year.

He says violent crime is a community problem that requires a community response. That means solving the root causes of crime, including access to housing, jobs, education, and mental health care.

James has been chief since February. During his time in the position, there have been public demonstrations over police violence against Black people, as well as calls for reduced funding to the department, and suggestions of letting other professionals handle some of their traditional duties.

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