Forsyth County Continues Efforts To Part Ways With Cardinal Innovations

Forsyth County Continues Efforts To Part Ways With Cardinal Innovations

2:18pm Mar 05, 2021
The Forsyth County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution in November to have staff begin the process of disengaging from Cardinal Innovations Healthcare. On Thursday, the board approved the disengagement plan and also approved the county’s realignment with Partners Behavioral Health Management. File Photo: KERI BROWN/WFDD

Forsyth County could soon have a new provider for mental health services in the community. County commissioners recently approved a plan to disengage with Cardinal Innovations Healthcare and realign with a new provider.

Cardinal is the state's largest behavioral health managed-care organization. It oversees providers for mental health, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities services for Medicaid recipients.

Forsyth County officials say they’ve received a list of complaints, from access and placement for children in social services custody, to timely transition for care after emergency room visits or hospitalization.

Cardinal Innovations says it has worked with the county and has made improvements. But local leaders say it’s not enough.

“Our ultimate and top priority is to ensure a seamless transition going from Cardinal to Partners Behavioral Health Management and our teams will be working very hard and diligently to ensure that for our residents,” says Forsyth County Deputy Manager Shontell Robinson.

A public comment period for the proposed changes will take place.

The county plans to submit its formal written request to disengage with Cardinal to the state by the end of June.

Ultimately, the final decision will rest with North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mandy Cohen, who has 90 days to approve the change.

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