Councilman Wants To Reaffirm Winston-Salem As A 'Welcoming' City

Councilman Wants To Reaffirm Winston-Salem As A 'Welcoming' City

3:54pm Feb 16, 2017
(Courtesy: Councilman Dan Besse)

The City of Winston-Salem will consider a proposal to reaffirm that it’s a “welcoming” place for refugees and immigrants. But not everyone is on board.

Democratic Councilman Dan Besse proposed a resolution this week that would redeclare Winston-Salem as a welcoming city for those seeking a new start.

The draft proposal comes at a time when the nation’s refugee and immigration programs are under intense scrutiny.

While Besse is unsure if his resolution will be adopted, he doesn’t want residents from other countries to be afraid.

“I think it’s appropriate for our city to stand up and make clear that within the boundaries of the law, we are a welcoming community for all, and we oppose discrimination on the basis of factors like race or religion or national origin,” Besse says.

At this week’s meeting, several people spoke against the measure, including members of council.

Besse says he’s not seeking so-called “sanctuary status” for Winston-Salem, which goes beyond simple affirmation.

Adopting sanctuary measures is illegal in North Carolina.

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