This week, we hear a selection of wonderful fiddle tunes from the south, as musicians across the region start to flock to the fiddlers' conventions that still thrive here as nowhere else.  We hear some great solo singing from Kay Justice and from Alice Gerrard, who will appear together soon at an Across the Blue Ridge live event.  Blues from African-American and European-American traditions is on the program too, including selections from Kentuckian Cousin Emmy and South Carolina's Peg Leg Sam Jackson.  And we have a personal reminiscence from host Paul Brown of bluegrass musician James King, a heartfelt singer raised in southwestern Virginia who passed away recently at age 57.  King was not as well known as some bluegrass stars, but he had the respect and enthusiasm of both the core bluegrass audience and his musical colleagues.  We'll hear a selection of James King's music.

Episode 23 playlist

  1. Cricket on the Hearth – Esker Hutchins
    Esker Hutchins
    Field Recorders Collective FRC
  2. Chickens Crowing at Midnight – Marvin Gaster
    Uncle Henry's Favorites
    Rounder 1996
  3. Give The Fiddler A Dram – Scott Prouty & John Gallagher
    No Corn on Tygart
    Independent Release 2012
  4. Stag-A-Lee – Pine Ridge Boys & Patsy
    Oldtime Music from Mount Airy
    Heritage Records 1981
  5. Blackberry Blossom – Scott Freeman
    Fiddle Favorites
    Independent Release
  6. Sugar In The Gourd – Norman Edmonds & The Old Timers
    Norman Edmonds Vol. 2
    Field Recorders Collective FRC 2004
  7. Smoky Mountain Rag – Kenny Baker
    Kenny Baker Master Fiddler
    County Records 1981
  8. I'm Old Kentucky Bound – Charlie Monroe
    Charlie Monroe His Recordings 1938-1956
    Bear Family 2007
  9. BREAK 1
    Peter Francisco – David Bragger
    Big Fancy
    Old Time Tiki Parlor 2015
  10. Kentucky – Kay Justice
    Hickory Wind
    Kbell Productions 2015
  11. Love Was The Price – Alice Gerrard
    Tom Brad & Alice -- Holly Ding
    Copper Creek 2000
  12. A Distant Land to Roam – Jim Watson
    This World Would Be All Sunshine
    Barker 2008
  13. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms – Stanley Brothers
    Amazing Grace – Bluegrass Gospel
    King Special 2011
  14. High Lonesome – James King & Longview
    High Lonesome
    Rounder 1999
  15. Wear A Red Rose – James King
    Bed By The Window
    Rounder 1998
  16. BREAK 2
    Piney Woods – Tommy Jarrell & Frank Bode
    Been Riding With Old Mosby
    Smithsonian Folkways 1986
  17. Old Virginia – Bruce Molsky
    Can't Stay Here This-A-Way
    Old Time Tiki Parlor 2016
  18. Flying Indian – Bruce Molsky
    Can't Stay Here This-A-Way
    Old Time Tiki Parlor 2016
  19. Dark Road – Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
    Classic Blues from Smithsonian Folkways Vol. 2
    Smithsonian Folkways 2003
  20. Freight Train Blues – Cousin Emmy
    Cousin Emmy & Her Kinfolks 1939-47
    Bear Family 2007
  21. Walking Cane – Peg Leg Sam Jackson
    Classic Appalachian Blues
    Smithsonian Folkways 1999
  22. Foggy Mountain Special – Flatt & Scruggs
    Flatt & Scruggs 1948-59  Vol. 3
    Bear Family 1991

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