$600 Unemployment Benefit Ending This Week

$600 Unemployment Benefit Ending This Week

6:00am Jul 20, 2020
The dashboard that an unemployment insurance applicant sees when logging into the NC Department of Commerce Division of Employment Security website. DES has received a record amount of claims as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. WFDD/SCREENSHOT DES.NC.GOV

The additional $600 that people on unemployment have been receiving is about to run out. And it’s ending a week earlier than many expected.

The federal CARES Act guarantees the additional funds through July 31. But due to a one-day difference in the calendar, this will be the last week North Carolinians receive the benefit.

Lawmakers wrote the act based on benefit weeks. In North Carolina and every other state except New York, those end on Saturdays — and July 31 is on a Friday, making that last week of the month ineligible.

State benefits will continue as expected, up to the $350 current weekly maximum. North Carolina has one of the shortest unemployment payment periods in the country, but it’s extended an additional 13 weeks due to COVID-19.

Some lawmakers say the additional $600 should be continued, and possibly tied to the unemployment rate. 

There are no official extension policies at this time.

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