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  • 4:21pm Nov 11, 2016
    Music & Culture Music & Culture

    Becky Warren's 'War Surplus' Follows A Couple's Life After Deployment

    Nashville singer-songwriter Becky Warren penned an album inspired by her former marriage to an Iraq veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder. On this Veterans Day, her goal was to help people understand what it's like to go through a deployment and deal with its aftermath.
  • 4:21pm Nov 11, 2016
    National National Politics & Government

    All Hail The Presidential Also-Rans

    Hillary Clinton joins the exclusive club of men who reached for, but failed to grasp, our nation's highest elected office. From Aaron Burr to Al Gore, here's a look at the company Clinton joins.
  • 4:21pm Nov 11, 2016
    National National Politics & Government

    Week In Politics: Presidential Election Aftermath

    NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and Brookings Institution and Eliana Johnson of The National Review about the aftermath of the presidential election.
  • 4:21pm Nov 11, 2016
    World News World News

    Indian Currency Ban Sends Country Into Panic

    India has declared large denominations — 500 and 1,000 rupee notes — no longer legal tender. The scheme is intended to curb the so-called "black economy" that thrives on unaccounted for cash.
  • 4:21pm Nov 11, 2016
    National National Science Economy Politics & Government Environment

    Trump's Plan For Clean Coal Could Put The Brakes On Natural Gas

    President-elect Donald Trump's energy plan includes a promise to develop clean coal. Clean coal is a technology that has struggled for years and is unlikely to be competitive with cheap natural gas.
  • 3:43pm Nov 11, 2016
    National National Politics & Government

    For The Marijuana Industry, Election Day Proves Bittersweet

    California, Nevada and Massachusetts legalized recreational use. It also passed in Maine, but there could be a recount. Still, some in the cannabis industry are feeling bittersweet about the results.