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  • 4:40pm Nov 23, 2017
    World News World News

    Zimbabwean Journalist Shares What She Hopes For The Country's Future

    After 37 years in power, Zimbabwe's President, Robert Mugabe has stepped down. He's been in power for most of journalist Wadzanai Mhute's life. She shares her memories of a pre-Mugabe Zimbabwe, reflections on the years of his rule, and her hopes for her country's future with NPR's Ari Shapiro.
  • 4:40pm Nov 23, 2017
    World News World News

    Rohingya Refugees Say They Are Too Scared To Return To Myanmar

    Myanmar and Bangladesh say they have signed an agreement to allow the return of Rohingya refugees who fled to Bangladesh. But many Rohingya say they are too scared of violent attacks in Myanmar to return home.
  • 4:40pm Nov 23, 2017

    Your Guide To Movies Coming Out This Holiday Season

    Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Hollywood always offers up lots of brightly wrapped presents. Critic Bob Mondello offers a preview of films coming this season including Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and more.
  • 4:40pm Nov 23, 2017
    National National Economy

    What States Are Doing To Stop Rural Money Drains

    Farmers survive by sending food to cities, and when they die their assets often leave just as fast, going to heirs living in urban areas. That financial drain helps accelerate small town decline. So, some states are working systematically to keep a fraction of that outward bound money — billions each year — at home.
  • 4:40pm Nov 23, 2017
    National National Economy

    How Black Friday Has Evolved Throughout The Years

    Years ago, retailers had an unofficial agreement: Black Friday would be the start of the shopping season. Then some stores started opening their doors and offering sales on Thanksgiving Day. That created some conflicts between consumerism and turkey consumption and now the pendulum is swinging back again.
  • Graciela Garcia, 19, married her high school friend, Jaime, when she was 15.
    Natasha Pizzey
    4:40pm Nov 23, 2017
    World News World News Health & Safety

    Why Child Marriage Persists In Mexico

    In Mexico, 1 in 5 girls marry before they're 18 — some as young as 11. Unlike the rest of the world, child marriage rates have barely fallen in the last 30 years.
  • 4:40pm Nov 23, 2017
    Music & Culture Music & Culture

    Jazz Singer Jon Hendricks Dies At 96

    Time magazine called him the James Joyce of jive. Jon Hendricks could make any lyric swing. He was born in Newark, Ohio, and was best-known as one-third of the hit vocal group, Lambert, Hendricks and Ross. Hendricks died yesterday in Manhattan at age 96.
  • 4:40pm Nov 23, 2017
    National National Politics & Government

    Trump Thanks Service Members Abroad On Thanksgiving

    President Trump thanked U.S. service members who are serving abroad in a video call from Mar-a-Lago today. Ahead of the holiday — the Defense Logistics Agency sent close to 100,000 pounds of turkey and some 30,000 pounds of ham to the region for a Thanksgiving meal.