Sonsera Kiger

Listener & Donor Services Manager

Sonsera Kiger was thrilled to join the WFDD team in January 2020 as the Listener and Donor Services Manager. She is originally from the mountains of North Carolina, but has made her home in many places in the world, including, most recently, Chile. She completed her undergraduate degree in Spanish, with minors in International Relations and in Women’s Studies, at UNC-Asheville; she was designated as an Undergraduate Research Scholar, and published research based in Mexico. She completed her MA at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, and Italy, and published research on the impact of solar energy in emerging economic sectors. She has worked in non-profits for many years, as well as been a start-up founder in marketing and design in three countries. She has been a fan of WFDD since her teens, where Performance Today introduced her to a world of global music concerts, and 88.5 continued to keep her connected to North Carolina, no matter where in the world she was. In her free time, she volunteers in a community garden, travels, learns languages, reads, and listens to NPR!