Emily McCord

Emily joined WFDD in 2014. It's a homecoming after 11 years working in public radio for stations in colder climates. She graduated from the University of North Carolina in Greensboro in 2003, where she earned her degree in music. She moved to Bloomington, Indiana, where she saw an advertisement on the side of a bus for the local station, WFIU, and began volunteering. That turned into a full time gig, where Emily did everything from producing fund drives, co-hosting a classical music quiz show, and handling station relations. In 2007, Emily accepted a position at WYSO in Yellow Springs, Ohio, as the host of All Things Considered. It was there that Emily learned how to be a reporter. Her stories won state and national awards and were regularly featured on NPR. Emily became News Director at WYSO in 2011.

Now, she's back in North Carolina and happily leading the news team at WFDD. She lives in Winston-Salem with her husband and two children.