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  • 4:39pm Dec 26, 2012
    Music Music

    Vic Flick's Riff Captures The Sound Of James Bond

    The 007 theme is one of the most famous themes in movie history. The infamous guitar riff that gives the theme its secret agent feel was performed by Vic Flick, who spoke to Morning Edition about the day he played it, 50 years ago. (This piece initially aired on October 03, 2012 on Morning Edition).
  • Mobile apps and devices track a user's health statistics. But those data are sometimes sold and can end up in the hands of employers and insurance companies.
    2:28pm Dec 26, 2012
    Health & Safety Health & Safety

    Who Could Be Watching You Watching Your Figure? Your Boss

    Those of us trying to get in shape after overindulging this holiday season can get help from a slew of new devices that monitor steps climbed, calories burned and heart rate. But companies and venture capitalists in new startups hope to make money in a new way: by selling the data right back to the people tracking their activity — and to their employers.
  • According to a study published in Pediatrics, boys are entering puberty six months to two years earlier than they did in past studies.
    11:23am Dec 26, 2012
    Health & Safety Health & Safety

    Like Girls, Boys Are Entering Puberty Earlier

    Boys are entering puberty six months to two years earlier than they did in past studies. Caucasian boys tend to begin puberty, on average, at around 10 years old while African American boys tend to begin puberty at 9.
  • 7:43am Dec 26, 2012

    Blind Dog Returned To Alaska Family

    The dog wandered away from home during a big snowstorm last week. The family feared they'd never see their pet again, since she was lost as temperatures fell to 40 below zero. The local newspaper reports the dog's nose led her to the home of a vet, who posted her picture on Facebook.
  • 7:33am Dec 26, 2012

    Zappos Logs Record Service Call

    The call to the online shoe retailer lasted more than 10 hours. For one thing, the customer on the line wanted to know how the Zappos employee likes living in Las Vegas. The conversation even ended with a sale of Uggs boots.
  • 7:23am Dec 26, 2012

    Retailers Are Disappointed With Weak Holiday Sales

    Holiday Sales rose by less than 1 percent from the year before, according to MasterCard's SpendingPulse unit. That's the slowest growth in spending since the 2008 recession. Even online sales — which posted double digit gains over the past few years — were lackluster this year.
  • 7:22am Dec 26, 2012
    World News World News National

    U.S. Military Builds Up Its Presence In Africa

    The U.S. military plans to send an Army brigade to Africa next year. Some 4,000 soldiers would deploy — in small units and at different times — to help train and advise African troops. It's part of an Obama administration plan to address the growing challenge posed by terrorism in Africa.
  • 7:13am Dec 26, 2012
    World News World News Religion

    Dig Finds Evidence Of Another Bethlehem

    Archaeologists are unearthing evidence that the city of Bethlehem, in the West Bank, celebrated as the birthplace of Jesus, may not have been the actual Bethlehem of his birth. They have discovered a Bethlehem that existed in the Galilee near Nazareth.
  • 7:11am Dec 26, 2012
    Politics & Government Politics & Government

    113th U.S. Congress To Be Sworn In Next Week

    The new Congress will have big problems to tackle and little love from the people who elected them. To find out what can be done to get things working again on Capitol Hill, David Greene catches up with Iowa Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley.
  • 6:53am Dec 26, 2012
    Economy Economy

    Worst CEO List, Who's On It?

    David Greene talks to Sydney Finkelstein, who teaches management at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, about his list of the worst CEOs of 2012. Of interest is not just who made the list this year, but who didn't.
  • 6:41am Dec 26, 2012

    Google Integrates Kevin Bacon In Its Search Function

    Google has incorporated the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" game into its search function. Morning Edition's David Greene goes to the movies and traces the history of the iconic college game. (This piece initially aired on September 14, 2012 on Morning Edition).