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  • Living Single (1993-1998) featured four young, black, professional women in New York — including Queen Latifah as the ambitious head of a small magazine.
    E.J. Camp / Corbis
    1:14pm Jan 11, 2013
    Arts Arts

    'Living' In Color, Long Before 'Girls'

    HBO's series Girls has been criticized for not being diverse enough. Long before Girls, two shows — Living Single and Girlfriends — featured professional African-American women. But the creator of Girlfriends says times have changed, and the shows she now produces have more multicultural casts to reflect changing demographics.
  • 8:35am Jan 11, 2013

    Lost Duffel Bag Returned To World War II Vet

    Nearly seven decades ago, a young soldier from Indiana left his green duffel bag on a French battlefield in World War Two.This week it was returned to William Kadar. A teenager in France had found it in his grandfather's house.
  • 8:35am Jan 11, 2013

    After Pot Skit, School Invites Jimmy Kimmel To Visit

    The ABC TV host mocked Humboldt State University for its marijuana research program. He ran a fake commercial saying graduates could enjoy careers like dog walking or Occupying Wall Street. The university and student body presidents wrote a letter saying the skit was funny but unfair. Now the school has invited Kimmel to deliver its commencement address.
  • 8:35am Jan 11, 2013

    International Twitter War Becomes An Opera

    Last summer, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman criticized the economic austerity of Estonia. The president responded with some profanity-laced tweets. A composer and financial journalist teamed up to produce an opera based on the exchange.
  • 8:35am Jan 11, 2013
    Sports Sports

    Major League Baseball Enacts Anti-Doping Policies

    The new policies are being hailed as unprecedented in American professional sports. Starting next year, the league will be fighting the use of human growth hormone and testosterone, two allegedly popular banned substances.
  • Craig Childs walks in the desert surrounding the Colorado River delta.
    Courtesy of Craig Childs
    8:35am Jan 11, 2013
    Science Science Environment

    The True Weight Of Water

    A recent report from the Department of the Interior suggests that the Colorado River is drying out. But commentator Craig Childs says sometimes the answers are simpler than they seem.
  • Jake Scott (a.k.a. 2 Pi), with student.
    Courtesy of Jake Scott
    5:29pm Jan 10, 2013
    Music Music Education

    2 Pi: Rhymes And Radii

    High school math teacher Jake Scott teaches his students with the help of his hip-hop alias, 2 Pi. By rapping about equations and formulas, Scott helps students remember his lessons and forges a deeper connection with them.
  • 3:04pm Jan 10, 2013

    Wanted: Water Slide Tester

    Are you comfortable in swimwear? Happy to get wet at work? And mad about waterparks? Then this job is for you.