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  • The Au Sable River in Michigan is a popular place for fly fishermen and the heart of a debate unexpectedly influenced by largely invisible social welfare organizations.
    Christine Arrasmith / NPR
    11:38am Nov 07, 2013
    National National Politics & Government

    From Social Welfare Groups, A River Of Political Influence

    The reversal of a conservation law court decision to protect Michigan's Au Sable River is an unintended outcome from large donations by anonymous funders funneled through tax-exempt organizations. Known as 501(c)(4)s, these groups are becoming a vehicle of choice for big donors to hide large political donations.
  • 11:06am Nov 07, 2013
    National National Politics & Government

    Why Obama Shouldn't Worry About His Lousy Poll Numbers

    It seems obvious to say that a high approval rating helps a president, while a low approval rating hurts him. But there are reasons to think Obama's weak standing in the polls isn't as troublesome as it sounds.
  • 10:10am Nov 07, 2013
    National National

    Twitter Makes Market Debut

    The New York Stock Exchange is at the center of attention Thursday morning as Twitter goes public at $26 per share. That means company is expected to raise almost $2 billion. For the latest on this highly anticipated IPO, NPR's Zoe Chace talks with host David Greene.
  • 9:47am Nov 07, 2013
    Politics & Government Politics & Government Health & Safety

    Obama To Visit Dallas To Smooth Bumps In Health Care Sign-Up

    President Obama travels to Dallas on Wednesday to meet with volunteers who've been working to educate consumers about the government's new health insurance marketplace. That task has been made more difficult by persistent technical problems plaguing the website.
  • 7:08am Nov 07, 2013

    Will Free Bacon Get A Crowd To Kansas State Basketball Game?

    The womens' basketball team at Kansas State is hoping for a sizzling season. For their home opener Friday night, they're trying a new promotion:Bacon. Students will get in for free and get a boat of bacon, something resembling the paper container nachos are served in.
  • 5:11am Nov 07, 2013
    World News World News

    'Homesick Hijacker' To Appear In Miami Courtroom

    Nearly 30 years ago, William Potts hijacked a plane to Cuba. He is scheduled to be in court in Miami on Thursday. It's the first time he's been in the U.S. for nearly three decades.
  • 4:54am Nov 07, 2013
    World News World News

    Suspicions Bog Down Talks On Iran's Nuclear Program

    Negotiators from Iran and six world powers resume talks Thursday in Geneva on Iran's nuclear program. Iran's Supreme Leader says he's not optimistic, and U.S. officials say "no deal is better than a bad deal." Still, Iran's desire to get out from under crippling economic sanctions may drive progress forward despite the long odds.
  • Millions of adults who grew up speaking a language other than English are still held back by their language skills.
    3:33pm Nov 06, 2013
    National National Education

    What It Takes (And Means) To Learn English As An Adult

    The wait to gain entry to adult English-language classes can be long. Once you're in, balancing class with family and job obligations can be a challenge. But many immigrants are determined. Ana Perez says she tries to never miss a class: "A day of studying is sacred for me."