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  • 6:48pm Oct 23, 2015
    National National

    'Consumer Reports' Pulls Tesla Model S Recommendation

    Tesla — the electric car company beloved by environmentalists and the auto press — has hit a rough patch. A rave review from Consumer Reports has been reversed, and now Tesla's Model S is no longer recommended by the magazine. A self-driving feature introduced recently has also led to some hair raising moments behind the wheel documented online.
  • 6:07pm Oct 23, 2015
    World News World News Politics & Government

    Guatemalan Presidential Election Pits Former First Lady Against TV Comedian

    On Sunday, Guatemalans go to the polls to pick a new president. The contest is between a former first lady and a comedian with no political experience and a simple slogan: "I'm not corrupt nor a thief." The vote follows months of turbulent politics in the Central American nation that led to the resignation and jailing of both the vice president and president.
  • 4:56pm Oct 23, 2015
    Economy Economy

    How Do You Make $3 Trillion Disappear? The Fed Will Soon Find Out

    The Planet Money team explains how to make $3 trillion disappear, which is what the Federal Reserve will be trying to do. It created the money after the financial crisis to try to help the economy and lower interest rates. But now that the economy is improving the money could eventually create inflation or cause bubbles.
  • 4:30pm Oct 23, 2015
    World News World News Science Environment

    Beachside Resort In Sayulita, Mexico, Prepares For Hurricane Patricia

    NPR's Audie Cornish interviews Norma Adams, general manager of Villa Amor in Sayulita, Mexico. Adams, a native of Sayulita, talks about how she and other staff started in the middle of the night Thursday to evacuate an entire wedding party from the resort on the water.
  • 4:30pm Oct 23, 2015
    Sports Sports National

    Why Daniel Murphy Rules: Second Baseman's Bat Leads Mets To World Series

    The New York Mets may be amazing, but Daniel Murphy is basically on another planet. The second baseman has hit a homerun in a record six consecutive postseason games, powering the Mets to the National League pennant. NPR's Audie Cornish talks to Jonah Keri of Grantland about the Mets' performance so far this postseason.
  • 2:43pm Oct 23, 2015
    National National Politics & Government

    From Chief Executive To The Oval Office: Would It Work?

    American voters have long been intrigued by the idea of the outsider CEO who could bring corner office credentials to oval office problems. But the analogy falls apart pretty quickly.
  • 8:33pm Oct 22, 2015
    World News World News

    Benghazi, Beyond The Headlines: On A City That's Home To Half A Million

    NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Omar al-Mosmary, a Libyan journalist based in Benghazi, about what life is like there today. He says every day, local newspaper headlines report violent deaths due to the civil war and terrorism, yet people are proud of their city, and the streets and shops are bustling with life.