• And I Darken
    7:00am Jul 09, 2016
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    Stuck Inside With The AC On? Try These Five Cool YA Reads

    Summer can seem slow for eager readers — not much on the shelves, and not much coming. But we've got some recommendations for great young adult reads to while away the long hot days.
  • 2:18pm Jul 08, 2016
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    Floral Arrangements

    Each of these answers contains the name of a flower or flowering plant. If we were to say, "British singer who recorded the albums "It's Not Me, It's You" and "Sheezus," you would reply, "Lily Allen."
  • 2:17pm Jul 08, 2016
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    A Neeeeeeew Game

    The answer to every question is something that starts with or sounds like the word "new." If we said, "Your prize is someone who constantly inconveniences you!" You'd answer... "A nuuuuuuu-isance!"
  • 2:16pm Jul 08, 2016
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    State the State

    Contestants guess which U.S. state we're talking about based on a list of clues. Jell-O is the official snack of what state?
  • Big Freedia and Ophira Eisenberg on Ask Me Another.
    Mike Katzif / NPR
    2:16pm Jul 08, 2016
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    Queen Diva Of Quizzes

    This week Big Freedia bounces onto the scene! The queen diva of bounce music gives advice to aspiring twerkers and reveals what it's like to get a phone call from Beyoncé.
  • 2:16pm Jul 08, 2016
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    Stump Jonathan Coulton

    When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon in 1969, they wore spacesuits developed by a company well-known for making a piece of everyday clothing. Can Coulton guess what piece?
  • 2:16pm Jul 08, 2016
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    Did Ya Ever Notice?

    We test how well you remember things that you've seen many, many times. How many dots are on a Domino's Pizza box — three or four?
  • 2:15pm Jul 08, 2016
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    Movie-Rap Mash Up

    Contestants must mash up movie titles with the names of famous hip-hop and rap artists.