Virtual Radio Camp

  • 8:30am Dec 12, 2020
    Race Race Youth

    A Fight That Goes Back 60 Years

    During the summer of 2020, as part of Virtual Radio Camp, Raine Myers interviewed Barbara Morris about her experience participating in the Civil Rights movement.

  • 5:35am Oct 18, 2020
    Student Journalists Student Journalists Education

    No Such Thing As Too Young To Protest

    Virtual Radio Camper Karissa Sitepu discusses the rise of student activism with her friend Dishita Agarwal.

  • 8:30am Oct 04, 2020
    Human Interest Human Interest

    Conversations With Dad

    For this Virtual Radio Camp story, Sedem sat down and talked to his dad about life and what it was like to be an immigrant in the U.S.

  • 8:47am Oct 03, 2020
    Human Interest Human Interest

    Living With An Invisible Illness

    Dishita Agarwal discusses what's like living with an invisible illness with her friend, Meredith.

  • Katie Hua
    8:35am Sep 27, 2020
    Human Interest Human Interest

    A Family History

    Katie Hua interviewed her dad about growing up in Vietnam during a Communist regime and his journey to the United States.

  • Walker Lyon
    8:35am Sep 26, 2020
    Arts & Music Arts & Music

    Déjà Vu

    During Virtual Radio Camp 2020, the students were asked to tell us a story. For Radio Camper Walker Lyon that meant producing a song.

  • 8:35am Sep 20, 2020
    Human Interest Human Interest Immigration

    When The War Ended, Her Journey Began

    In this interview with Virtual Radio Camper Angie Lam, Claire Lam shares what it was like to be a kid in Vietnam after the war, her time in a refugee camp, and her journey to the United States in p

  • 8:35am Sep 19, 2020
    Human Interest Human Interest

    That Gut Feeling

    When the world is telling you that you're wrong, do you listen to them or do you listen to your intuition?