Alaskan Glaciers Tell A Story Of Deep Time

Rock, once a seafloor of mud, sand, and pebbles, towers into the sky, only to erode away, becoming a new and different seafloor, layered like pages in a book.

Appalachian State University's Dr. Ellen Cowan reads these pages, most recently off the coast of Alaska. They tell the full story of geological changes on the continent, as written by glaciers over millions of years.

Jane, Bill, Juan, Fido... Whoever You Are!?!

As a parent, I can tell you that naming a child can be a drawn-out exercise in creativity and diplomacy. So with that said, why does my mom still call me by my aunt's name? I always took this as a character flaw. But recently, when I called my 6-year-old son for dinner - using the dog's name -  I concluded that this must be science!  And it seems I was right.