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  • Zach, Jim and Wes
    Zach Dunn
    10:32pm May 12, 2019
    Student Journalists Student Journalists

    Everything Was Different But He Was The Same

    There are some universal truths when you are a kid: Horsing around is fun, you can stay up late with no consequences, and candy ... well, candy is king. But for kids diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, the story is different. They need to pay attention to what they eat and what they do because the wrong choice could be fatal. Radio 101 student, Zach Dunn, looks into how this disease changed his relationship with his best friend.

  • 5:37pm Oct 19, 2016
    Human Interest Human Interest

    Commentary: A Father's Addiction

    Andie Meise's father has been addicted to crack cocaine since Andie was a baby. Andie's mother, Kathy Pickett, says it took her a while to realize he had a problem.

  • 4:14pm Oct 07, 2016
    Politics & Government Politics & Government

    Students Share Their Questions For The Candidates

    In preparation for the upcoming debate, the Reynolds High School news team asked students to step into the shoes of a moderator. What questions would students ask the candidates?