Winston-Salem Police Say Facebook Posts 'Not Factual'

Winston-Salem Police Say Facebook Posts 'Not Factual'

4:51pm Feb 17, 2020
(AP File Photo/Matt Rourke)

Winston-Salem police say they weren’t involved in a couple of “feel good” cop stories that recently made their way to Facebook.

It’s not like there’s no truth whatsoever to the reports from an outlet called “North Carolina Breaking News.” A cop did in fact buy a child safety seat for a kid who was unrestrained in the car that the officer pulled over. And another did comfort a dog after it was struck by a car.

But they weren’t Winston-Salem officers, despite what the social media posts from the outlet said. The car seat incident happened in Michigan, and the dog story happened in Florida.

Police say they’ve been getting inquiries involving the posts in recent days. Department officials say they reached out to administrators of North Carolina Breaking News and got a response in Russian.

Police have reported the user to Facebook.

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