Grocery stores have been cutting back hours in response to the coronavirus, and some have also started limiting sales of certain high-demand items. 

Kelly Davis, a spokeswoman for Winston-Salem-based Lowes Foods, says they are limiting sales of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and some cleaning supplies to two per customer.

Davis says the idea has less to do with stopping hoarding and more with making sure there are adequate supplies for those customers who need them.

"Usually, when there are runs on stores in the South, it's people stocking up on the french toast trinity of eggs, milk, and bread. During the outbreak, though, only bread has been the high-demand item," says Davis.

Davis adds most of their bread is locally made and supplies can be quickly replenished. The stores are also boosting in-store bread making.

Fewer hours and supply limits don't mean the stores are losing sales, however. Many are making additional hires as demand soars with the closings of bars and restaurants.

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