Nurse-Family Partnership Of Forsyth County Celebrates 5 Years

Nurse-Family Partnership Of Forsyth County Celebrates 5 Years

9:09am Nov 09, 2017
Mayra Roche is a graduate of Nurse-Family Partnership of Forsyth County. Here she's pictured with her daughter and her nurse Keisha Lucas. BETHANY CHAFIN/WFDD

A program in Forsyth County that helps first-time, low-income mothers is celebrating its 5th anniversary. 

The Nurse-Family Partnership pairs local nurses with new moms to give them the resources they need during and after pregnancy. The nurse will visit the mother about twice a month, sometimes more frequently, offering prenatal support. And they'll work together through the child’s second birthday.

Mayra Roche is a graduate of the program. She became pregnant at 17, and she says her nurse, Keisha Lucas, became like family.

"She helped me through everything...when she [her daughter] was born, helping me with my education, and helping me find my first job." 

Laura Willard says NFP let her know what to expect from her pregnancy, which was high-risk due to gestational diabetes. Then her nurse gave her tools and resources on developmental milestones for her child. When Willard's daughter wasn't reaching these milestones, her nurse helped Willard discover that her daughter was autistic.   

“They’re not just there for your child, they’re there for you as well," she says. "And when you feel like you have nobody, and she’s there to say, 'how are you doing?' That’s priceless.”

Almost 90 perent of babies in the NFP of Forsyth County program were born at full term and even more at a healthy birth weight. All were up to date on immunizations. Since its establishment in 2012, the organization has conducted over 7,000 home visits.

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