GOP Lawyer Says NC Governor Race "Up In The Air"

GOP Lawyer Says NC Governor Race "Up In The Air"

4:17pm Nov 18, 2016
WFDD File Photo by Paul Garber

The North Carolina Republican Party's top attorney says with thousands of votes yet to count, Gov. Pat McCrory and other GOP candidates in close election races could still pick up enough votes to win.

Stark spoke Friday after the Republican-majority Durham County elections board voted unanimously to dismiss his bid to recount 94,000 votes saying that the protest lacked evidence. The three board members spent two hours listening to witnesses and decided a software glitch that blocked votes from being uploaded to the statewide tally didn't have anything to do with accurately logging votes.

Stark notes that McCrory trails by about 5,000 votes, Republican candidate for state auditor Chuck Stuber trails by about 3,000, and all absentee and provisional ballots haven't yet been counted. Stark says those races are very much up in the air.

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